January 24-25

Providence, RI

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Come hack side-by-side with engineers from Google, MongoDB, Venmo and more.

We're bringing hundreds of students from Brown, RISD, and other East Coast schools together for a one-of-a-kind hackathon this January. Come to College Hill for 24 hours of designing, building and caffeinating alongside engineers from sponsor companies. Meet great people, connect with great employers, win great prizes and build something awesome.

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Interested in sponsoring? Email hackatbrown@gmail.com.


How do I get there? (and will you pay for it?)
You can take Amtrak or MBTA to Providence Station, a short walk from campus. There will be buses provided for schools in Boston and in NYC. Unfortunately, we will not be doing reimbursements for this year. The hackathon is being held in Alumnae Hall, 194 Meeting St, Providence, RI.
Who can attend?
All undergraduate, graduate, and high school students 18+ from any school in any country are welcome.
Do I need to come with a project idea or team?
Nope! We strongly encourage students to form teams with other students and engineers on the day of the event, and we will provide ample opportunity to do so.
Are we allowed to build on past projects?
We ask that you do not use any code from previous projects. However, you are welcome to use publicly available libraries and APIs.
What should I bring?
Whatever you need to build something awesome. We're providing food, caffeine, and company swag. Remember to bring a valid student ID, laptop, and charger. If you want to do a hardware hack, don't forget to bring the devices you plan on working with.
What shouldn't I bring?
Weapons, illegal things, invasive species, etc.
I can't make it. How can I cancel my registration?
Send a blank email to cancel@hack-at-brown.appspotmail.com from the email address you used to sign up.

Organized by Brown CS Department.
Contact Hack@Brown by email, Twitter or Facebook.