Hack@Brown 2015

What is Hack@Brown?

Brown University's student-run hackathon. Last year, over 300 college students from around the Northeast came to Providence to spend 24 hours designing and building mobile apps, website services, Chrome extensions and more. And this January, we're doing it again.

How do I get there? Where do I sleep? How do I get back?

Last year, we provided free buses to and from New York City and Boston, and we'll probably do that again. Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to pay for plane or bus tickets—however, Brown is within walking distance of the Downtown Providence bus terminal and the PVD Amtrak station, and a taxi ride away from TF Green Airport. The hackathon is being held in the historic Alumnae Hall.

We'll make sure you have a quiet place to sleep, but it might not be the comfiest.

What should I bring?

Everything you need to execute your hack—which usually just means computers and chargers. And don't forget pillows, sleeping bags, toothbrushes, or anything else you need to survive the night (plus your student ID). We'll keep you fed, caffeinated, and give you a steady supply of free t-shirts and other free stuff from our sponsors.

Can I work on a project I've already started?

Hackathons are about learning new things and leaving your comfort zone, so we'll ask that you start something entirely new with your team. Of course, you're free to use publicly available resources, like frameworks or APIs.